Floor Maintenance & Due Diligence Surveys

The concrete floor is the part of the building that is guaranteed to be utilised from the day you move into the warehouse until the day you leave.

It is the point where the warehouse and the Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) interact, it is the base on which the operation performs and therefore the concrete floor slab will have a direct bearing on the successful performance of any warehouse operation.

Basically, a concrete floor that is poorly maintained, subject to poor workmanship or poor design will result in poor MHE performance and this can have a negative effect on staff performance.

Putting in place a Preventative Maintenance plan can help reduce the cost of floor maintenance and ultimately increase the performance of those who use the floor.

A Due Diligence Floor Survey will provide an assessment on the condition of the existing concrete floor, focusing on the four main aspects which can determine the success of any concrete floor in an operational environment: JOINTS, DURABILITY, FLATNESS and LOADING.

Floor Maintenance

The results taken from the survey will enable unparalleled advice for floor repair and maintenance strategies to be provided. This can be presented as a Traffic Light Scheme as an aid to prioritising the floor repairs and also as an aid to floor maintenance budgets.

RED – Serious damage requiring immediate repair action;
AMBER – Damage requires timely action. Failure to repair will result in more serious damage.
GREEN – Serviceable. Monitor. Report signs of deterioration at the earliest opportunity.

Please contact CoGri Asia for an upfront schedule of rates for all aspects of concrete joint repairs and floor maintenance.


Due Diligence & Maintenance

Joints: Visual Conditional Survey will identify status of joints

Durability: Visual Conditional Survey will identify condition of the floor surface

Flatness: Specialist service for flatness compliance testing of defined and free movement areas

Loading: Professional service review for floor loadings, structural design and specifications

Detailed Floor Testing

Warehouse Concrete Floor Testing

A comprehensive range of professional services for further detailed floor testing and analysis are available to reinforce the findings of the initial floor survey.

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The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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