Why Does the Floor Affect the Productivity of Your Automated Warehouse? (Join our, Free Webinar)

October 23, 2023

FREE Webinar - Why Does the Floor Affect the Productivity of Your Automated WarehouseCoGri Asia, a leading authority in the construction and warehousing industry, has created 2 free webinar sessions exploring the world of automated warehouses, productivity, and how the floor is the key to successful operations.

We are eager to fulfil our responsibility to the industry, so read on to find out why you should join us on this journey examining the design, construction, and maintenance of high-tolerance floors for outstanding performance.

The Warehouse Revolution

Automated Warehouse Floor
1. Automated Warehouse Floor

It is forecasted that the Southeast Asia warehouse market will have grown to USD 0.64 Billion in 2023, increasing to USD 1.16 billion by 2028, an estimated compound annual growth rate of 12.51% for the period. Consequently, CoGri Asia is seeing a surge in industrial flooring enquiries for smart warehouses in the region.

Despite the growing demand, CoGri Asia is experiencing a knowledge gap in the construction and warehouse management industry. There is a lack of understanding regarding what defines a floor truly suitable for its intended purpose. Furthermore, there is limited awareness of the consequences a poorly designed or constructed floor has on the performance of automated systems and robotics, irrespective of their ongoing technological advancements.

Defining Automated Warehouse Floor Requirements

Different automated systems have different requirements. Automated Guided Vehicles, for example, have specific floor serviceability mandates, including joint design/load transfer design considerations. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), that don’t follow set tracks, require specific floor surface characteristics, including surface gloss, micro-roughness, and friction. Heavy and dynamic loadings, on the other hand, are a major consideration for the floor design of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.

Online Webinars for Global High Tolerance Concrete Flooring Trends, Practices, and Standards

What to Expect:

Join our Exclusive, Free Webinar
2. Join our Exclusive, Free Webinar

Join us for our first session on 1 Nov 2023, uncovering upcoming warehouse trends in the region and what the built environment should look out for, including how to build warehouse floors that conform to the highest standards and requirements.

The webinar will look at design and construction considerations, such as:

  • Latest trends in global warehouse development.
  • Defining the intended performance of the concrete floor, based on the robotic system’s optimum running specifications.
  • Why a detailed floor specification is essential when considering the performance requirements and surface characteristics of the slab.

In the second session (30th Nov 2023), we will cover the numerous standards relevant to concrete flooring and identify the differences, enabling you to know which to specify.

This webinar is essential for those who need to be aware of the most recent standards, as well as industry-specific guidelines and manufacturers’ recommendations when designing, constructing, or maintaining concrete floors for automated systems.

Helping Maintain the Standard of Industrial Floors for the Robotics Industry

Both webinars have been developed to help different smart warehouse stakeholders understand what it takes to build sustainable high-performance concrete flooring. Whether it is a new or existing industrial facility, we are here to help you design and build the best concrete floor on your first attempt, therefore, reducing material wastage and the time needed to rectify floor defects.

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