Surface Preparation

Dust Controlled Surface Preparation

At CoGri Asia we use a variety of modern, vacuum enhanced equipment to carry out the surface preparation of concrete floor slabs.

Our captive enclosed shot-blasting or vacuum enhanced diamond grinding ensure dust free and environmentally acceptable methods of preparing a concrete floor surface for the application of cementitious screeds and synthetic resin floor systems.

Captive enclosed shot-blasting is quick, clean and fully self-contained, it leaves a textured finish on the concrete which is ideally suited for the application of almost all industrial floor systems, in particular thicker cementitious and resin systems. Although a typically slower method, diamond grinding will mechanically clean a floor, leaving a smoother finish which is perfect for the application of thinner resin sealers and floor coatings.

We also have other techniques available to ensure the correct level of surface preparation is carried out on all our flooring projects.

Prepare The Surface

surface preparation

If a concrete floor Slab is only as good as the Ground it is sitting on, then an industrial flooring system is only as good as the floor slab it is laid on! – bottom line: PREPARATION ! PREPARATION !! PREPARATION !!!

The correct and detailed surface preparation is critical to the performance of any screed or resin flooring system.


Mechanically Prepared Surface

It matters little whether a polymer modified screed or a specialist resin floor paint has been applied, a lack of detailed and effective surface preparation will almost certainly result in failure of the floor system. Usually by de-bonding from the concrete substrate.

Good surface preparation is never seen once the floor system has been applied, but it’s comforting to know its there.

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The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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